Five Years: It’s our Birthday (Almost)

 With all that’s being going on behind the scenes at PB, I nearly forgot that our 5th anniversary is approaching.  I have loved every minute of it. I am espically grateful to our loyal fans, without whom punishedbrats would not be possible.

 Did you know that we never raised our prices? Our costs may have gone up, but we found ways of mantaining our price structure.  Lots of creative thinking by our team.  Today a recurring membership costs $17.00. You can get a one month subscription for $22.00. We now have hundreds of videos and pics on the site. In honor of our birthday we are offering a very special price for a three month subscription. You can now sign up for three months of Brats for $41.00. That is our way of thanking you for your support .

The Original Brats:

In the beginning, there was Amber Pixie Wells. ( Seen here taking a hard spanking from Veronica’s ex, Ian. Pixie  has been involved in PB since the beginning. She is our webmaster, customer service manager and creative director.


                          Beverly Bacci & Veronica Bound


                       Holly Dey & Me


                      Miss Susan & Jessica


                     Vanessa who played our super-heroine ‘Sensational Girl’

                 They are the original Punishedbrats players

All of their vids can be found on our site at Pierre Turgeon Womens Jersey

5 Responses to “Five Years: It’s our Birthday (Almost)”

  • horn10:

    I have an idea. To celeberate put five girls in the corner, nose to wall, and make them write “happy birth day punished brats” 500 times. indeed I recommend Lavender as one of the girls.

  • Those wouldn’t be birthday spankings, would they?

  • Kelly:

    Happy Birthday BRAT Staff!

    Can’t WAIT for the ensuing cat fight over WHICH brat gets to blow out the candles on the cake! David…I’m sure your capable hand can solve the dilemma! 🙂

  • You know we did a video in which Pixie and Holly went at it. All suggestions sound fantastic.

  • I was just thiking of the Bowie song ” Five years , stuck on my eyes, five years what a surprise…..