Gianna Love Pixie’s Previews Clip

The Pixie’s Previews video clip featuring Gianna Love and Tyler is now up at Punished Brats.

Click on the photo to go to Pixie’s Previews

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3 Responses to “Gianna Love Pixie’s Previews Clip”

  • Tim:

    Pixie young Gianna gets big spanks from her strict boyfriend ,. Lovely little Mary Jane does too from David ,love and spanks ,Timxxx

  • Greetings from hurricane central. Pixie did a great job on the preview video.

  • Tim:

    David yes i heard about these pesky hurricanes in parts of U.S.A. hope you are all safe ,best from ,T

    David ,yes i have heard about these pesky hurricanes hope you all safe ,i thought Pixie was deputising for you ,best from ,Tim..