Going To A Go-Go


Going To A Go-Go


Serenity Rain and David Pierson



With her step-father away Serenity wanted to go out with her friends , dressed in a most provocative manner. Before Serenity could hit the door her step-father unexpectedly turned up. After attempting to sass her way out of trouble Serenity found herself bent over a leather sofa feeling the sting of the punishment strap on her bare bottom.

Instead of giving her father the sass that had been emanating from her mouth earlier in the process the only sound to be heard in the room now were Serenity’s cries and promise to be good as the strap landed upon her naked bottom over and over. Once her punishment was at an end Serenity was made to remain in place with her bare, red bottom on display







So we hope that you enjoyed this movie and are safe.

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