I Feel Sick part 1: you’re going to put what, where?





I Feel Sick part 1


Adriana Evans and Veronica Bound








As part of her Punishment, Adriana was made to wear her little girl frilly panties under her school uniform. Adriana was so fearful of this embarrassing form of punishment being discovered by her school mates, that she feigned illness. “I can’t go to school, I feel feverish,” she told her mother. Not believing this claim in any way, Adriana’s mother left the room briefly, returning with a thermometer in one hand and a large hairbrush in the other. Adriana was mortified when she found herself over her mother’s lap and the thermometer inserted into her bottom, a reminder that her adult privileges had been revoked for the week. When, invariably, it was found that Adriana wasn’t sick, her mother then employed the heavy hairbrush to her already exposed bottom.





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