In Praise Of The Pixie: Our artist in residence

Certain words come to mind when most people think of Pixie. ” Cute, sweet and adorable” are but three. All are accurate.  Pixie is also one of the most intelligent and talented people I know.   She is never without a book in her hands. She does math problems for the hell of it. She also has the vision and soul of an artist.

 Pixie has , over the years, shot a series of self portraits. Here are a few of my favorites. They as haunting as she is beautiful. Yes, they are self portraits.



 She also shot a series of photographs with several of our brats. I think my favorite is the one she shot with Beverly Bacci.


I also love this pic of Sarah Gregory.


          She also does wonderful nature photography. She calls this her vanilla work.

Click on this link to see samples of her ” vanilla’ work.

 As most of you know, Pixie has been struggling with health issues over the past two years. In her absence,  and with my brother’s death I started to run PB in accordance with my vision.  I was relived when in June , Pixie asked if she could edit the Punishedbrats material. I was thrilled. I never would have asked because I was concerned about her well being.  She does a fantastic job.

Over the past few months , Pixie and I started writing together. This started with a series called ‘ The Contract’ featuring Charlie Skye and Veronica Bound.

Pixie described the series in this manner.

”  Fed up with her daughter’s behavior, Veronica decides to try a new disciplinary tactic – The Family Contract. Upon signing the document, Charlie agrees that nearly every infraction will result in a painful spanking.”

Pixie actually found this flyer and the contract that went with it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We’ve collaborated on much since then. I’ll discuss more in future updates of this blog.


 To see terrific spanking work and Pixie arts ( sometimes on and the same thing) just click on the image below.







The complete PB Pixie work and serval shot by my brother Rick  can be found on our site.


Just click on the pic of Beverly below.

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5 Responses to “In Praise Of The Pixie: Our artist in residence”

  • dana:

    A word that comes to my mind when I think of Pixie is WOW.

  • tim:

    Pixie is a very talented young ladyas well as very nice which comes acrossin her blog ,best from Tim.

  • Bobbie Jo:


    Pixie is just awesome and beautiful. She has such special qualities and talents and that is what makes her so lovely; with an eye for the camera, editing videos, and just being who she is.

    You are fortunate to have her as a friend and also as someone who gets on your case when you place the camera in the wrong place. 😉

    Nice write-up.

  • She is very special. Did I mention that she is a musician too?

  • Pixie’s photos are simply amazing – as is she. I loved meeting her for the first time. Words to describe – a gentle, sweet, submissive, SMART and intriguing soul. I simply love her!