It was the best of time, it was the worst of times: Getting a lot of help from my friends






Well from a content point of view for Punishedbrats I’m thrilled with all that we’ve done this year, last year too.



For me, on a personal level, this year has sucked.   For more than twenty years I ran a Behavioral Health program for two different companies.  Truth be told, I own a percentage of the program. The company with whom I started this program went bankrupt about eight years ago. My program was purchased by another , unfortunately this one was a religious corporation.

Never liked those cocksuckers.  Having a contract I had felt that my position was safe. That was until April when I was asked to depart the organization.


It’s weird when you are suddenly separated from a program and job that you’ve help for more than 20 years. This was but a week or two before the Boardwalk Badness event.  I went, but I think that doing so was a bit of an error. I was still in a state of shock. I kept trying to put it out of my mind but that didn’t come easy.


The events were terrific.  In attendance were Joelle Barros,  Adriana Evans, ( our brazilian contingent) and Mandie Rae. I even saw old friends like Chloe Elise  and Ten.

Our brats were ever so charming…not sure that I was.


Mandie and I roomed together.  The poor kid.


I never eat during events. I need to relax and sit quietly.  I noticed that despite not eating, that didn’t curb my drinking. I do not drink hard liquor, but I do love good wine. As they didn’t have any at the event, the bad wine served at the bar did the trick.

I caught myself before David Pierson got very hammered in public.  Not a good thing. Truthfully I love good wine, but I hate being drunk. It rarely happens. At the Vendor’s fare the girls kept things going. I felt very disorganized and that was before I drank anything.


They next night I really over did it on the wine. I was sitting with Mr. Valentine in his suite, and this man knows his wine. I’ve no idea how much I consumed but it was late. By the time I made it back to my room the sun was coming up. I remember when Mandie had on the television. Pope John XXIII and Pope John -Paul II were canonized. Somehow I go to bed and became comatose . I’d have slept the day away but for Mandie who woke me around 1pm. Did I have a headache!

I am making light of this, but that isn’t how I feel to be honest.  I was embarrassed by getting so drunk. I think that I was too stressed to have been there.


Over the past few months my time has been in my lawyers office, suing my former employer. The first part of said suit went my way. More to go on that front.


I am working for another company now, just doing clinical work .





I want to say a few nice things about my friends who were there.





I’ve known Joelle the longest. She was the last brat to make her debut with my brother directing. It was the lat time he was healthy enough to shoot as he was capable. Over the years, Joelle has become  a major star of the spanking cinema.











She is an amazing young woman.  Only my good friend Audrey has shot more scenes with us in the past three years.






I need to thank Adriana Evans for the creativity and energy that she brought to Punishedbrats.  I will always remember the way she brought our series ‘ Six Scenes of Spanking’ to life.  I’m thrilled that we recently shot the ‘Act Your Age’ series with her. Combining her areas of fetish specialty with spanking, in a very creative way.




She is a special talent.




cheerleader2 2-2












cheerleader2 1-10




Thanks to her Boyfriend, Dominic King







I also must thank Mandie Rae. She looks as if she’s just a tad past puberty, but she is an intelligent and amazing person.




A highlight of this year was when she worked with Amber Pixie Wells.




cheerleader2-7 cheerleader2-8 cheerleader2-9 cheerleader2-10 cheerleader2-11


They look as if they’re related, don’t you think?






I also apologize to them all too for my thing at BWB.  I have to each of them, but I wanted to do so publicly.







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6 Responses to “It was the best of time, it was the worst of times: Getting a lot of help from my friends”

  • IMLX:

    David, sorry to hear about all the work related stuff from earlier in the year but I did want to say that I am very glad that you did come to BBW this year and I got to meet you in person. I also had a great time chatting with you and Michael Valentine on Saturday night there.

    And I also got to see in person you deal with one of our brats from the Pacific Northwest who thought it would be funny to brat you later that evening in the suite. I mean, the bratting was funny but so was watching you deal with her 😀

  • Tim:

    David well you have had a lot of worries you have told us over the blasted pirates of your content ,I only drink wine o Sundays with our roast lunch on .best from ,Tim.

  • I like to meet people at events. That is always the best part for me. One reason that I felt so badly over this is the fact that. over the years I have been all over girls who were stars of the scene getting wasted. I remember all, surprisingly .

  • The good news is that I hit my employer hard. Their termination was declared unlawful.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Hey David,

    I was so happy to get to finally meet you at BBW! With all the crap you have had to deal with, cut yourself some slack.

    Dang! I wish I had been in the suite when you dealt with a brat. 🙂

  • It’s the fun part . Honestly, I’m embarrassed by the whole thing . It will not happen again.