Juliet: A Remembrance Of Things Past



Juliet: A Remembrance of Times Past


1. Stepdad with
Juliet Valentina and David pierson





Instead of writing a caption I’ll be telling you something about the shoot and the experience of working with Juliet. In this story I was her new stepfather who she disliked and disrespected. Her disrespect lead to a bare bottom spanking. This was the first scene that I shot with her. Juliet was and is a professional actor. I used to act in what was then called “Underground Films’. I had forgotten what it feels like to work with a true pro. There was a line in which I said something like you have to listen to me because I’m your stepfather. I felt her response more than I Remember the words. She said something to the effect ” You’re not my real father and I won’t listen to you!”. I literally felt those words vibrate my sternum. I called a cut as I needed to step up to this challenge.









Juliet is an amazing talent

2. Singing The Black And Blues
with Juliet Valentina and Veronica bound


In this story, written by my brother Rick, Juliet plays a bratty pop star who is spanked by her mother. I remember walking into my brother’s loft to see the set he had constructed. He actually created a recording studio there for this scene. As the scene progressed the stool upon which Veronica was suddenly seemed unsteady. We stopped the scene to deal with this stool issue. I had thought it best to reshoot from the point in which the spanking started but everyone had a thing for the stool as it looked as if it belonged in a recording studio.
I was on the floor just off camera ready to catch Juliet or Veronica should that beloved bit of furniture give way.








3. Mom’s Manual
Juliet Valentina and Clare Fonda


This was a story, also written by my brother, based on a true story. My brother taught film making at a local university . One day as he and his students were shooting one of his students seemed off. He talked to her to see what was wrong. It tuned out that the young lady had gotten into trouble one too many times on campus. She came from a conservative family in which spanking was commonplace. She assumed that as she was a college student her days of being spanked were over. She was wrong in that assumption. Her mother had summoned her home for a spanking. After she went home the girl told my brother of her experience. Yes the spanking hurt, but the discussion that she and her mother had prior to her spanking gave her a sense of love from her mother. Hence the story told here




Five Day Delay


Juliet Valentina and David Pierson



During her first few years with us ,Juliet was under contract. After completing her contract with us she actually turned a lovely letter of resignation. Her final production with us was during a shoot with Chelsea Pfeiffer. We gave her roses and other gifts that brought tears to her eyes. She had just graduated college and was off to pursue her acting career.
It was about two years later when our friend Lorraine asked if we’d be interested in shooting with Juliet again. We set up a terrific shoot with Juliet and Lorraine. Juliet was anxious to go harder than she had previously and we took her up on that. Every scene that day featured hard spankings. In this video Juliet plays a spoiled college girl who had just gotten home for summer break and was driving everyone crazy with her bad attitude. Her father takes the paddle to her bare bottom to teach her a well deserved lesson





5. Sick Day:


Juliet Valentina and Amber Wells


This production brings back both wonderful and painful memories. My brother was facing another in a long line of cancer surgeries two days after this production. His last as it turned out. The wonderful memories had to do with the cast assembled. All of my Brother’s favorites. Pixie , Lily Anna, Veronica and Juliet. My brother had all of the material edited in less than twenty four hours.
In this scene Juliet was playing hooky from work and Miss Amber Wells the company nurse.

I am quite sure that Juliet had no idea of the power of an Amber Wells spanking.




6. Property Damage:


Juliet Valentina and David Pierson


After this scene my brother never again lived in his house. The wonderful place that had been our studio since 2005. The last scene shot under our original big cast concepts was with Juliet.
In this scene Juliet gets the strap to her bare bottom for vandalizing a rival school’s property.






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