Kitty’s Lost Shoes – Part 1


Kitty’s Lost Shoes- Part 1



Kitty Catherine and Skyler Grey

Kitty Catherine was sent to a very exclusive private school by her parents with the promise of admission to the university of her choice upon graduation. The school was insistent on proper comportment. One of their main rules was the strict adherence to the dress code.


One day, Kitty’s mom got a call from a teacher at the school, indicating that Kitty was wearing tennis shoes on campus and not the regulation school shoes. The teacher in question made the call out of concern, as rebellious girls often lost favor with the school and would be asked to leave.


When Kitty was apprised of the call, she noted that she lost her shoes at school and was thus wearing her tennis shoes around campus. Kitty was totally unconcerned with the matter until her mother took her over her lap and lowered her panties. “This is embarrassing,’ Kitty shouted as her bottom was bared. However, once her mother applied the hairbrush to that bare bottom, Kitty’s last concern was of her dignity.







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