Life Swap: The Reality Show




Life Swap

Charlie is participating in an episode of the television show, Life Swap. She’ll get to spend a week with a host mom in a new environment and have to follow all of the rules of the house. Charlie’s world is about to get turned upside down!

  1. New Home




Charlie is participating in a reality show called Life Swap where she trades places with another girl for a week and has to live by all of the rules of her new home. She is quickly discovering how different her life will be as she is given a long list of chores and introduced to corporal punishment.



  1. Home Schooling






Veronica informs Charlie that she doesn’t believe in public schooling and that she will be home schooled instead. Charlie pitches a fit and pushes all of her school books off the table drawing the attention of her strict host mom.






  1. Quiet Time




Charlie is given a little free time as Veronica practices her meditation. But Charlie blatantly ignores orders to entertain herself quietly and repeatedly blasts her music. Completely removed from her state of Zen, Veronica drags Charlie out to the woodshed for a strapping.




  1. Schoolgirl Striptease





Charlie wants to make sure her boyfriend back home doesn’t forget about her while she’s away so she gives him a very sexy private dance on Skype. Veronica walks in on the performance and decides to provide the boyfriend with an extra special show by allowing him to watch Charlie’s spanking.




  1. Rules Change



Nearing the end of the Life Swap experience, Charlie informs Veronica how much her rules suck and that things will be a lot different from now on. But Charlie’s demands fall on deaf ears as Veronica spanks her for the rude outburst.



And Now This









I miss Charlie and hope to get her here when she isn’t caring for her two kids between dancing gigs


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