My Father’s House part 1



My Father’s House part 1


Serenity Rayne and David Pierson






Serenity had gotten into a fight with a young man at school. This made her mother extremely unhappy, who sent her to her room to await the arrival of her father. She knew what was to come her way and tried to keep her mind off of her inevitable fate by playing with her stuffed animals. Once her father arrived, no amount of protests and pleadings would stop the brat from going over her father’s lap for her bare bottom spanking



father1-2 father1-3 father1-4



Now a few stills from the movie



fathervg1-1 fathervg1-2 fathervg1-3 fathervg1-4 fathervg1-5 fathervg1-6 fathervg1-7 fathervg1-8 fathervg1-9 fathervg1-10 fathervg1-11 fathervg1-12 fathervg1-13 fathervg1-14 fathervg1-15 fathervg1-16






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