My Husband’s Truck and that’s my bottom he’s spanking




My Husband’s Truck



Adriana Evans and Dominic King








Adriana took her husband’s truck into a heavy snow storm to go to a sale at the mall. On her way home she slid and damaged Dominic’s truck. Shortly after returning home Mr. King’s young wife found herself over his lap for a hard spanking.



After a hard hand spanking, Adriana was made to shuffle to the bedroom, as her pantyhose was down around her ankles, and return with the hairbrush. As she felt the wooden implement of pain land upon her naked bottom she pleaded with Dominik to stop. Unfortunately for her, he felt that she needed to learn, so he spanked her until the tears flowed freely.






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Adriana Evans and Dominic King


















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  • Tim:

    David ill keep on mentioning Punished Brats when I can ,,Trucker hubby is very strict with his little wife isn’t he ? best Tim .