My Husband’s Truck part 1 or don’t drive my truck in the snow



Tonight we debut a new series entitled ” Adriana’s Naughty Stories Of Spanking “, written by Adriana ¬†Evans . I asked Miss Evans to pick the first story of the series.


So tonight we bring you


My Husband’s Truck part 1




Adriana Evans and Dominic King










Adriana took her husband’s truck into a heavy snow storm to go to a sale at the mall. On her way home she slid and damaged Dominic’s truck. Shortly after returning home Mr. King’s young wife found herself over his lap for a hard spanking.







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Here are a few video grabs




truckvg1-1 truckvg1-2 truckvg1-3 truckvg1-4 truckvg1-5 truckvg1-6 truckvg1-7 truckvg1-8 truckvg1-9 truckvg1-10



Do check out the preview video by




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clicking here



Look for the DVD soon



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