My Sister’s Broken Shoes

My Sister’s Broken Shoes


Kitty Catherine and Skyler Grey


Skyler was in desperate need of a night out with her boyfriend. Since taking over the care of her little Kitty, there were certain needs in her life that had gone unfulfilled. So that night, she had planned on going out on a date, but she needed to be certain that her bratty little sister would behave in her absence.

While Kitty promised to be an angel in her big sister’s absence, Skyler noticed that the brand new sports shoes their mom had purchased for the little brat were torn to shreds.

Skyler knew that their mom would blow her top if she saw the shoes. In order to keep this from their mom, Skyler knew that, at a great expense to her, she would need to replace the shoes.

She decided that if she needed to pay for Kitty’s shoes, Kitty would need to pay with a spanking. After a few swats on the bottom of the brat’s denim skirt, Kitty cried out in horror when her big sister bared her bottom for punishment.


Kitty cried out from the pain and humiliation as Skylar’s hand found its mark over and over. Despite Kitty’s promises to be good, her big sister just kept spanking.

Finally, when Skylar felt her little sister had learned her lesson and it was time for her date, Kitty suddenly found herself dumped on the floor. She was so stunned that she could but lie there and rub her sore bottom







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