Nadia’s Nightmare: The Birch part 1




Nadia’s Nightmare: The Birch part 1


Nadia White and David Pierson








Nadia’s dreams of spanking have taken a decidedly darker turn. She found herself in a reform school with her court ordered caning coming tomorrow. Today, she faces the birch for engaging another girl in a fight. She was called to the punishment room. made to bend over the table. and despite her protests, her panties lowered. In seconds, the embarrassment of having her bottom bared became a secondary concern, once she felt the first taste of the birch.




birch1-2 birch1-3 birch1-4 birch1-5


Now a few video grabs from the movie



birchvg1-1 birchvg1-2 birchvg1-3 birchvg1-4 birchvg1-5 birchvg1-6 birchvg1-7 birchvg1-8 birchvg1-9 birchvg1-10 birchvg1-11 birchvg1-12 birchvg1-13 birchvg1-15 birchvg1-16







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