Nadia’s Nightmare: The Birch



Nadia’s Nightmare: The Birch


Nadia White and David Pierson






Nadia’s dreams of spanking have taken a decidedly darker turn. She found herself in a reform school with her court ordered caning coming tomorrow. Today, she faces the birch for engaging another girl in a fight. She was called to the punishment room, made to bend over the table, and despite her protests, her panties lowered. In seconds, the embarrassment of having her bottom bared became a secondary concern, once she felt the first taste of the birch.
As the birch found it’s mark time and again, desperate Nadia promised that she would not misbehave. Once her punishment was over, she was reminded that tomorrow she would receive her court ordered caning which would now be delivered upon an already sore bottom.


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Now a few video grabs



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