Need Your Feeback

Sorry about being so obviously distressed last night, but so bad were our sales that it felt as if there was a death in the family. In some ways, should I need to close up shop that’s what it would be.


Honestly , I don’t know who actually read my blog other than Tim.   Gotta tell you , nothing drives me more crazy than Pixie’s blog. There girl wasn’t on camera in three years and she would talk about baking cookies or pie and she would get about 1oo responses.  To those of you who are out there, I’m going to need your feedback.


Over the past few weeks I’ve spoken to several tech people about improving the website. Starting with the Nikki & Julie series we’ve upgraded our video quality 1000% . We improved gradually over the past two years, but now I’m where I want it to be.


Let me say, that the struggles in keeping PB alive is very disheartening. I’d like it to return to the success of the past. Piracy and the free sites take their toll. A few weeks ago, Mitch of put up a nice piace on us. He got two responses from meathead #1 and meathead #2 . One said, ” With all of the free stuff out there why should I pay $17.00 “?  Because free ain’t free…it’s stolen.


The other said ” well I watch video on tumblr , how am I to know what it stolen and what isn’t”?  Easy, it’s stolen…no producer can run their business by giving their material away. Producing it isn’t cheap


I’ve spoke with a few different folks about upgrading the website.


Here is what I’d like: to be able to offer our shoots both as subscription and a la carte .


A gentleman I spoke with today believes me incorrect in that desire. He feels that the future is a la carte only.  There is some validity to that. Even large media companies like HBO are moving in that direction. But I like to offer choice in that area. We’ve been a member’s site since June, 2006 and some have been members since.


Let me know what you think about that.


I have some who tell me to use a wordpress model and others say that a more traditional site style is best. What functions would you like our website to have but is currently lacking.



All these question could be moot is we aren’t supported.



Remember free is stolen. We intentionally charge only  $17.00 to make our site affordable.



Btw: if you want to reach me it’s

If you have issues with the website or questions


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5 Responses to “Need Your Feeback”

  • Ricky:

    I LOVE your website. I love reading this blog. I believe you have the best spanking website out there, but I just can not do $17 every month, although I understand it is cheaper than most websites. That is why I would love an “a la carte” option as well as a subscription option. I think that is a great idea and really hope that others would see that as well.

  • admin:

    We do currently have a clip4sale store, but my goal is to have that option on the site. Thank You Ricky

  • Tim:

    David yes Rickys suggestion might help you with subs as well ofcourse ,have you considered asking the girls to talk to us ?best from ,Tim.

  • As you know, it’s not just your site David… it is right across many spanking sites, mine included, that membership sign ups are failing. I am pretty much at my all time low bacj to 2011 when I nearly quit back then, I have been thinking the same, the last couple of months have been awful and I don’t know what I am doing wrong 🙁

    We have all asked why, filesharing hurts but isn’t the root cause but there is also the rise of a lot of amateurish stuff on C4S which people think might be interesting (a few are, but the vast majority is a rip off and shit). I have sometimes paid to see what they offer (and feel ripped off when I do 80% of the time as a lot of it really is rubbish IMHO) and wonder why I’d pay $10 or $12 for a 10-12 min clip when one could download as many as up to 100’s of full length films on our sites… I don’t understand… It’s not 1998 anymore, no more dodgy recurring memberships, you cancel, you don’t get charged, I have NON recurring options as standard too like most of us do… it is all transparent, I just don’t know how to get it through to some of these people’s thick skulls… were they ripped off by a membership 10 years ago? I don’t know.

    Example: I have an option for full trial – 5 days access for $15 reverting to $23 a month if they continue (don’t have to) and yours is from $17 a month for 100’s of films. I’m pulling my trial option end of this month… I don’t see the point of that and will come up with some other loyalty incentive as I have done so in the past.

    Anyway, the next few months for me… and I guess, yourself – are crucial, without membership support we can’t continue. It hurts, doesn’t it?

    As for comments, we aren’t pretty models the guys think they have a “relationship” with, David, some people are jealous or resentful, which is sad – as I am only trying to share a vision, I try to include members where I can and as you do, bring in great looking girls to fulfill fantasies. I have learnt… I know as Sarah G could write about eating an orange on her blog or post a picture on Fetlife and get 100 times the replies we ever would… if she ever bothered to write on her blog again, lol!

    It’s a crazy world we live in. I can deal with that part… it’s the dramatic fall in sales I can’t deal with.
    As a result, I have cancelled one shoot planned for next month as I can’t justify it.


  • Tim:

    Chaps your sites are great value to belong to why don’t other spankos sign up anyway all the best from Tim please keep going you are supported by me and I hope many others will buck up and subscribe .Do you think the free content damages your sales .