New & Old

 I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately. I’ve been thinking of the days when we shot twelve scenes in a day with three bottoms and two tops. One of the bottoms was always Pixie.  Near the end, Pixie was starting to spank and spank well. The last of our ” big ‘ shoots was in July of 2010 . That shoot featured Pixie, Juliet Valentina, Lily Anna, Veronica and me.  This shoot was done days before my brother’s final surgery. Before he went to hospital Rick had edited the twelve scenes and broke them down ready to be posted on out site.

The pics below are from that shoot.










We didn’t shoot again until October. Pixie and I put togther a shoot with Lorraine and Veronica. We called this Aunt Veronica’s Rules. We’ve been shooting  in this manner since. We tell a single story in five or six scenes.

         The following are pics from Aunt Veronica’s Rules.





I like shooting complete stories with one or two girls and a top. What I miss is seeing our friends more regularrly. We have a shoot coming this Saturday with a lovely young woman named Marissa. I was just talking to her and I learned that she doesn’t own regular panties..just thongs. I just felt Pixie’s blood pressure rise by several levels. Looks as if I’ll be shopping tomorrow.



Doing the spanking is my dear friend, Veronica Bound.


Stay tuned. Honestly, I think Marrisa is lucky that Pixie isn’t doing the spankings. She hates thongs.

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