Our Maid- Part 1


Our Maid- Part 1


Adriana Evans and Skyler Grey

Skyler was shocked to see her maid helping herself to the most expensive vodka. In her collection Adriana tried to say that she had found the bottle where she attempted to hide it. While trying to cover her misdeed, Adriana had spilled some vodka on the carpet. Upon discovering this, the irate mistress of the house took the girl over her lap, placing her face only inches away from the wet stain.
‘I ought to rub your face in that,’ Skyler noted. Instead, and to the horror of Adriana, Skyler started spanking. Adriana’s spanking started on her pants, but Skyler felt that her bratty maid hadn’t learned her lesson, so down came her pants and the spanking continued over her panties.
Still not satisfied, the panties then came down as well. Never before had Adriana felt more humiliated, but after Skyler resumed spanking the maid being spanked was now much more concerned with the pain emanating from her bottom, than she was at her exposure. 




This was our first of our series ‘Spanking Stories Told By A Lil Blu Bunny’ . This series was written and directed by Adriana Evans with Skyler Grey and David Pierson. I had actually not expected to appear in the series but Miss Evans insisted. Did my heart good.


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