Our Warhol Girl: Anna Evans

 I remember having such a great time with the force of nature known as Anna Evans. She always reminded me of Edie Sedgwick made famous by her work with Andy Warhol.

 I remember picking Anna up at the airport and I see this girl dressed in a fur coat ( fake), low cut top and very short, shorts with boots up to her thighs.

   She looked a lot like this.


 When I took her to dinner, you should have seen the looks.

She was terrific onset the next day.   We were setting up a scene and she was over my lap wearing a lovely black dress. She looked at the view finder on the camera and said ” My cleavage is so hot”!.   We only shot with her the once because she lived in Ohio. I later learned that she had lived in Philadelphia for a time. ( She lived with Mischa)

Mischa and Friend


I’d love to shot with her, but I understand that she has quit modeling for Burlesque. I must admit to loving how the following scene looks. It has a certain sophistication, don’t you think?






        To see the Anna vids just click on the image below. I used to call her my Chelsea Girl. Not that is true as she lives in New York.

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