Over Daddy’s Lap (mp4)



Over Daddy’s Lap and then the  to the shower


Serenity Rayne and David Pierson



Serenity’s father is rather strict about his daughter’s curfew time. It is his belief that little good happens in the world past 10 pm. So when Serenity arrived home at midnight, she was sentenced to a spanking the following night.
All day long at school, Serenity had to deal with this fact. It was just before bedtime when she found herself over her father’s lap. The first few spanks were applied to the seat of her jeans. Soon, her jeans and her panties were lowered and her bare bottom was spanked until it was very red and she promised that she had learned her lesson .





The entire house echoed the cries of Serenity as her father’s hand landed, time and again, upon her bare bottom. Her punishment was completed only after the young brat was spanked for two minutes as hard as her father could spank.
Once the spanking was over, Serenity was instructed to leave her pants and panties on the floor where they lay and proceed upstairs to take her shower. Should she encounter another member of the family she was in no way to hide her current presentation.









While obeying her father, the tearful girl walked quickly to the bathroom and closed the door. She looked with disbelief at her well marked bottom in the mirrow and splashed cold water upon it to reduced the pain.
As the girl entered the shower she found herself turned on by the pain and humiliation she suffered. A girl of her age having to expose her naked bottom to her father in the family room for discipline suddenly proved to be a sexually intense idea. In the shower, as the warm water fell in her naked body, Serenity satisfied her carnal desires with her hand and shower head. Once she had satisfied herself and emerged her the shower she thought to herself, ” I think I’ll be a bad girl tomorrow, too.”








.Well this was one of those good bad taste productions as John Waters wound refer to them.


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