Party Night – part 1

With Audrey and Veronica Bound

Audrey and a few of her friends threw a huge party at another friend’s house while the family was away on vacation. The party quickly grew out of hand resulting in underage drinking, fighting, a destroyed mailbox, and a whole lot of trouble. After being given a day to recover from her terrible hangover, Audrey is greeted first thing Sunday morning by her mom Veronica holding a wooden hairbrush intended for her bottom.
This amazing video was written and directed by Amber Pixie Wells as part of the ‘ Audrey’s True Confessions’ series.
To see the video just click on the image below.

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One Response to “Party Night – part 1”

  • Tim:

    Hullo Pixie while David is on his holiday,yes Audrey is whacked soundly by Veronica for her naughtiness ,love and spanks ,Timxxx