PB update March 16, 2011 Pixie Spanking Comfort – part 1

Pixe spanked otk with a spoonPixie is due for a good spanking, but Veronica grows more and more annoyed that she is experiencing discomfort in administering the punishment. The bed offers no posture support so off to find a good chair. And what to do about her poor hand hurting? Cody Bellinger Jersey

One Response to “PB update March 16, 2011 Pixie Spanking Comfort – part 1”

  • Bruce:

    This is good old-fashioned spanking done to a turn!! Excellent work in all respects! I’ve been knowingly hooked on spanking for some 53 years, and images like these are the reason why. Veronica and Pixie are magical together, but especially in instances like this where everything visual supports the notion of a mother/daughter relationship. Because that’s what I see here; I see a mother paddling her daughter’s saucy backside across her knee. And to the creative credit of everyone involved, nobody does it better.