Pixie’s Previews with Brittany and Audrey

I had such a grea time shooting this series. Going back several years we shot with Brittany AKA Jordana Leigh AKA Scarlet and that was a very long day. It took us four hours to shoot two scenes. She was so nervous that it was akin to spanking a female Woody Allen.  Over the years, Brittany had contacted us several times about working with us again. I my mind, ” not going to happen”.

However,  my dear friend, Sarah Gregory contacted me and noted that she had changed.

Sarah Gregory: What would Have Happened If Brittany was the same


Brittany  and Audrey were terrific! Brittanty did show up an hour late. We just used that for motivation




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3 Responses to “Pixie’s Previews with Brittany and Audrey”

  • tim:

    Young Sarah has come on well as a spanko girl with her own website since first appearing on Punished Brats ,best,tim.

  • I never thought it was possible. in the begining she had such little pain tolerance.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Sarah has really become quite the pro. She is a disciplinarian now, as well as being a bottom and doing videos. She can take quite the spanking.

    David, you had a hand in her blossoming into a real pro. Be proud of that. 🙂