Prep School Confidential: The Full Story



Prep School Confidential



Chloe Noir, Bianca Rose; Audrey and David Pierson







Chapter 1: Admission






Chloe is a recent graduate of journalism school and has quickly developed a reputation as opinionated and difficult with her older colleagues in the news room. She was sent on assignment to the Amber Well’s School, a prestigious boarding school for girls, to explore how their educational advantages give the top one percent a leg up. Due to her youth, she aroused no suspicion when she obtained admission. Chloe found herself meeting with Miss Bianca, the assistant headmistress for the admission process. Chloe was shocked when she learned that her editor had set her up and informed the school that Chloe had a behavior problem at her past schools and they were her only hope. Upon hearing this, Chloe turned to leave when she was grabbed by Miss Bianca. She was informed that behavior such as this was not acceptable at this school and the punishment was a bare bottom spanking. Chloe was taken to the living room of the headmistress residence, her skirt lifted and panties taken down. Chloe told herself that she could deal with this and maintain her composure. All thought of this left once the powerful red haired woman began to spank her, and Chloe began to plead and cry. Once her spanking was over, Chloe was placed in the corner with her bare, red bottom on display. The intrepid reporter, as she wiped the tears from her eyes, wondered how this all went so wrong.




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Now a few stills from the movie


admissionvg1-1 admissionvg1-2 admissionvg1-3 admissionvg1-4 admissionvg1-5 admissionvg1-6 admissionvg1-7 admissionvg1-8 admissionvg1-9 admissionvg1-10 admissionvg1-11 admissionvg1-12 admissionvg1-13 admissionvg1-14 admissionvg2-1 admissionvg2-2 admissionvg2-3 admissionvg2-4 admissionvg2-5 admissionvg2-6 admissionvg2-7 admissionvg2-8 admissionvg2-9 admissionvg2-10




Chapter 2: Intellectual Disagreement








After receiving a bare bottom spanking on her first day, Chloe thought that this assignment may not be for her, but being the ambitious young woman she is, she decided to stick it out. Soon, she found herself sticking her bottom out again after engaging one of her professors in a disagreement about an equation. Despite the fact that Chloe turned out to be correct, she found herself bent over Miss Bianca’s desk for her disrespectful tone. After her strapping, Chloe had started to rethink her assignment. She had hoped to bring light to the class structure that exists within the country. Instead, all she has gotten is a red sore bottom for her troubles.




disagreement1-2 disagreement1-3 disagreement1-4 disagreement1-5 disagreement1-6 disagreement1-7 disagreement1-8 disagreement1-9 disagreement1-10 disagreement2-1 disagreement2-1_edited disagreement2-2 disagreement2-3 disagreement2-4 disagreement2-5 disagreement2-6


Now a few stills from the movie


disagreementvg1-1 disagreementvg1-2 disagreementvg1-3 disagreementvg1-4 disagreementvg1-5 disagreementvg1-6 disagreementvg1-7 disagreementvg2-1 disagreementvg2-2 disagreementvg2-3 disagreementvg2-4 disagreementvg2-5 disagreementvg2-6 disagreementvg2-7




Chapter 3: A Sporting Chance



Chloe gives her report and notes that she is desperately trying to contact her editor to see if she could end this assignment. Being the outspoken person she is, it is clear that other spankings await her at the Amber Wells School. She took comfort in the fact that she was going to play tennis that day and could blow off some steam. Unfortunately, Chloe vociferously confronted the Gym Instructor over a disputed call and found herself in Miss Bianca’s quarters. Soon, Chloe was taken over the tall red head’s lap, panties lowered, and another painful spanking ensued. Through her tears, Chloe promised to behave and be respectful. After her spanking, Bianca placed the undercover reporter in the corner to contemplate the error of her ways. While attempting to rub the pain from her naked bottom, she came to the realization that this assignment was a set up and it was best for her to escape.



sporting1-2 sporting1-3 sporting1-4 sporting1-5 sporting1-6 sporting2-1 sporting2-2 sporting2-3 sporting2-4 sporting2-5 sporting2-6 sporting2-7 sporting2-8


And a few stills from the scene



sportingvg1-1 sportingvg1-2 sportingvg1-3 sportingvg1-4 sportingvg1-5 sportingvg1-6 sportingvg1-7 sportingvg1-8 sportingvg1-9 sportingvg1-10 sportingvg2-1 sportingvg2-2 sportingvg2-3 sportingvg2-4 sportingvg2-5 sportingvg2-6 sportingvg2-7 sportingvg2-8 sportingvg2-9 sportingvg2-10 sportingvg2-11 sportingvg2-12 sportingvg2-13 sportingvg2-14 sportingvg2-15




Chapter 4: A Meeting with Miss Audrey


Chloe’s true identity was now known to the school administration. Miss Bianca, who had been left in charge while Miss Audrey was away dealing with a family matter, summoned her young protegee to a meeting to discuss some of the errors that occurred in dealing with the tempestuous Chloe. Miss Audrey felt that Bianca needed a taste of the same treatment that she had administered to Chloe. Bianca was taken over the headmistress€™s lap and given a sound bare bottom spanking that left the young instructor in tears. Chapter 5: The Breaking Point After running away Chloe was sent back to the school to meet with Dr. Pierson. He noted that the punishment for running away if twenty-five hard whacks with the school paddle on her bare bottom. Chloe was instructed that she either accept this punishment or she would lose her job. After receiving her punishment her bottom was significantly marked and tears were rolling down her face.




meeting1-2 meeting1-3 meeting1-4 meeting1-5 meeting1-6 meeting2-1 meeting2-2 meeting2-3 meeting2-4 meeting2-5 meeting2-6 meeting2-7



Now a few stills from the scene




meetingvg1-1 meetingvg1-2 meetingvg1-3 meetingvg1-4 meetingvg1-6 meetingvg1-7 meetingvg1-8 meetingvg1-9 meetingvg1-10 meetingvg1-11 meetingvg1-12 meetingvg1-13 meetingvg1-14 meetingvg1-15 meetingvg2-1 meetingvg2-2 meetingvg2-3 meetingvg2-4 meetingvg2-5 meetingvg2-6 meetingvg2-7 meetingvg2-8 meetingvg2-9 meetingvg2-10 meetingvg2-11 meetingvg2-12




Chapter 5: Breaking Point




As Chloe was preparing to leave the campus of the Amber Wells’ School For Girls, she was surprised when she was summoned to Dean Pierson’s office. She wondered if the dean had not gotten the message that she was a reporter on assignment and not a student. When she met with the dean, she found that he was quite aware of who she was but still insisted that she take her punishment. Chloe was shocked to hear the her editor also believed that she needed to take her punishment or there would be no job for her when she returned. The young reporter now grasped that her time at the school had been a set up all along. She gasped when she learned that her punishment was to be twenty-five whacks with the school paddle on her bare bottom. Despite her best efforts to control her emotions, the pain of the paddle made her cry. Once the twenty-fifth whack was delivered, the tears were streaming down the young, undercover reporter’s face. She was then sent back to face her editor.




breaking1-2 breaking1-3 breaking1-4 breaking2-1 breaking2-2 breaking2-3 breaking2-4 breaking2-5 breaking2-6 breaking2-7



Now a few stills from the movie




breakingvg1-1 breakingvg1-2 breakingvg1-3 breakingvg1-4 breakingvg1-5 breakingvg1-6 breakingvg1-7 breakingvg1-8 breakingvg1-9 breakingvg1-10 breakingvg1-11 breakingvg1-12 breakingvg1-13 breakingvg1-14 breakingvg1-15 breakingvg2-1 breakingvg2-2 breakingvg2-3 breakingvg2-4 breakingvg2-5 breakingvg2-6 breakingvg2-7 breakingvg2-8 breakingvg2-9 breakingvg2-10 breakingvg2-11 breakingvg2-12 breakingvg2-13 breakingvg2-14 breakingvg2-15




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