Audrey, Serenity Rayne and Ricki







Ricki invited his sister Audrey to his house to discuss the matter of her having spanked his young wife Serenity. Audrey noted that she had warned the brat about her excessive spending so a spanking was long overdue. Then, her brother noted that he had proof that Audrey had used family funds and that unless she did exactly what he said he would report the matter. Reluctantly, Audrey agreed and at her brother’s command was made to remove all of her clothing and then go over his lap for a spanking. This was a rather perverse affair as not only did Ricki spank his sister he also played with her bottom in a manner that was nearly sexual. Audrey thought to herself that nothing could be more humiliating than this. She was soon to learn that such wasn’t true.
Audrey thought to herself that this humiliating experience could not get any worse as she was being spanked and groped by her own brother. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t have been more wrong when she suddenly found herself over-the-knee of her brother’s wife.




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Serenity Spanks


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Well Audrey deserves an award of this one. She came up with the idea of having Serenity spank her. THANK YOU AUDREY!!!!!!!

This is one of those good bad taste productions. Do join us here at PBS-PunishedBratsSpanking


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