Punishedbrats needs you

So I haven’t said much about our finances lately.  That has been on purpose . We’ve been up and down..but this week has been ridiculous.  I need to alter a few things if this is the trend.


We can just close. I’d rather not do that. But if we are not getting the support we need that will happen. Another possibility is that we reduce the updates. We put 3 updates on the site each week. Perhaps that is no longer viable.


We could go to 2 or 1.


I’d rather not but if the money isn’t there it isn’t there.


Since 2006 this is what you’ve seen

Beautiful Brats
Thousands of Photos
Thousands of Videos
MP4 and WMV formats

Updated 3 Times A Week

Pixie wrote the copy.


Since we opened this has been our price structure something like this




$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring




There is a competitor of mine who has bragged that he/she can’t wait until we close and they can buy our 11 year old video collection. Fuck that..never going to happen. Unlike Nuwest , if we close our videos go with us.

I do believe that our price structure is very competitive.


Either we are supported or we are not. Thus is not in my control. I hope a lot of you come though in the next few hours to make this week less than a disaster. Let me say, the competitor of mine who wants to buy my collection has no expenses. How? You figure that out.


I’d rather not be writing this at 0100 on a Saturday night.


Do hope you support us.


Oh How?

You can join us as illustrated above


We have a clips4sale store for those who prefer to buy this videos thus.






We sell DVDS too.


At 0104 I’m not expecting much. But lots will change if this is where we end up this week.


David Pierson



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2 Responses to “Punishedbrats needs you”

  • Ellen:

    Your competitor has no expenses because the owner and his gf are in every clip.
    They also have no sales.

  • Tim:

    David you know you have my support . i tell people your site is great value as a member as Michelle does ,with the streaming it might bring in more interest ,best from Tim .