Running In the Hall: The debut of the ‘Prep School Brat’ series

Tara was running in the halls desperately trying to make it to class on time. When a teacher catches her and tells her to slow down, she calls the woman an unkind name. Tara is immediataely sent to the main office with a disciplinary note.








 To see the video just click on the image below

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4 Responses to “Running In the Hall: The debut of the ‘Prep School Brat’ series”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    You did very well, David, as did Tara. Nice touch with her calling her dad to try to get out of a spanking. How well did that work? Not! Good one.

  • Looks like you got another winner on your hands, David! (you lucky so and so…) Nice one! 🙂

  • tim:

    David young Tara did receive big spanks from yourself for being disrespectful which wasquite right ,best,tim.

  • Loved Tara. I’ve seen all of the video now. It’s terrific! I spanked the living snot out of her. I mean that in a good way.