Running In The Hall : The entire, sordid story

Tara can hardly believe what’s happened to her as she examines her bottom while standing in the corner.









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4 Responses to “Running In The Hall : The entire, sordid story”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    I remember a couple of boys who went running like a couple of maniacs down the hall during a fire drill. I just walked as fast as I could without running. Next recess, the principal called me out of line and told the rest of the kids that she was proud of my conduct. She mentioned the boys, but not their names. It got the point across. You know, I even remember their names. LOL

    Yeah, Tara got a really hard spanking there. More for mouthing off than running in the hall. 😛

  • Bobbie Jo:

    BTW, you did very well, David.

  • & so did Tara with that lovely red bottom – love her already! 🙂