Sales. Piracy = strong resentment from me

Hi Kids, I had hoped that these little talks would have ended by now.


Yesterday I noted that I Mr. Kaboom said

  1. DONT be a THIEF ! ! DONT be a CHEAP-ASS ! ! PAY FOR YOUR PORN ! ! DONT be PATHETIC ! ! A public message from…. EVERYBODY IN THE BUSINESS.

    As I said yesterday, I’d most likely not have out it that way but my feelings are  similar. Punishedbrats is surprisingly open after a flurry of support near the end of 2014. We have done much better this year with regard to member support. Strangely, we have  had a few day when sales are horrible and how it coincides with what is known as site rips. That means a pirate goes to your site and uses software to lift lots of material. I do have a service to  remove   pirated stuff and I have software that should stop the site rip. Doesn’t always work.

    Let me say clearly, that 2015 will be nothing like 2013 -2014. Upon that I insist. I’ll not go into more debt . PB can not and will not suddenly disappear . I need to give at least a six month notice should I chose to close.

    This is really a matter of support from our community . PB will be here as long as we are supported . I love doing this.

    That being said, it is human nature to want something for free. There is no such a thing. If you kill the underpinning of our finances then we won’t be here . We are either supported or we are not. I was made aware  last week was I Cape May with my wife that we were being hit left and right.

    I just need to say that I don’t give a fuck about pirates. I pay people to track and remove it.

    What I care about is your support. $17.00 a month is less than one lunch or movie ticket.

    That is all that I will say on the matter. I have always said ” Fuck the pirates, but fuck those who use their services harder, deeper and more painfully.”


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One Response to “Sales. Piracy = strong resentment from me”

  • Tim:

    David , how do these blasted people get away with this ,it is so annoying for you and it makes me angry that they seem to be getting asway with it blow them . Best Tim .