Saturday was a day




I don’t have as much time to talk about Saturday as I’d like as I have pics that need editing.




On Saturday I had the privilege of shooting with Nikki Sebastian and Julie Simone. Working with me on this project was Joelle Barros.


About a week ago I was stressing.  New studio, new talent in Nikki  and the person that I hired to help had dropped out. Lots of FOBs ( Friends of Brats ) offered their help.


I have been using a spanking model to help me shoot for a long time now.  Usually it has been Audrey. This is a good me.


The last time we had planned to shoot with Tara I had the yips about  that one. Lets say too many moving parts






Tara was to have been spanked by Pixie.  Our shoot was at the end of her travels modeling from city to city. To accommodate her, I agreed to shoot on a Sunday and pick her up at 30th street station at 9.30pm . At 7am the next morning I got a call from a very upset Tara. She had left her modeling money on the train. She was too upset to shoot.  So my camera girl, Audrey got spanked by the powerful pixie.




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On Saturday we shot in amazing studio. It cut down on set up time by several factors. Joelle helped in so many way. Helped me lift and move furniture and shot ( butt cam).



So we get to scene 1 in which Nikki is spanked by Julie for being a difficult model.  I could tell that Nikki had a hard time surviving that scene. Lots of tears and screaming.  At the end of scene 3 I felt as if we were torturing her.


I had already talked with Joelle about going on.  Nikki wanted to press on. Now I’ve been at this for sometime so I knew there was but one way to get her through.  I had Julie Simone be Julie Simone. She exerted to ability to top.  Despite the crying and shouts, she got made it.


Here are a few pics from Saturday. When you see the video you may need to protect your ears.



julie100 julie101 julie102 julie103 julie104




My thanks and love to Joelle. It took nearly two hours to get her to her train due to flooding.



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