Saturday with Piper and Veronica

 First of all, let me thank all of you for the terrific response to the opening episode of our ‘Prep School Brat’ series.

As Dean Martin used to say ( Yeah, I know..who?) keeps those cards and letters coming in.

On Saturday I  had a terrific time shooting with the amazing Piper Hill.

 Pixie described the production very well.

“Piper took on the role of high school tennis player who has a tendency to slack off and get a little mouthy on occasion. Her new coach Veronica won’t take any of that kind of behavior from the girl and spanks her for every infraction.”

If you go to Pixie’s Previews you will see a few properly edited pics.


 The production we conceived by Amber Pixie Wells and written by Pixie and me.

 Everyone laughed about the fact that Pixie’s corrections or  addtions to the scrpit were marked in  red. The only thing that would have made our ” Piper”  shoot better would have been Pixie’s presence. She is missed when she is not there.

Here are a few sneak pics from the shoot, minimally edited I’m affraid.

Punishedbrats - Rebel with a sore bottom

 I took a few pics with Piper in her leather jacket. I just liked the look.

Punishedbrats- Lateness will not be tolerated


From Scene one: Piper arrive late for practice and coach Vernonica was none too pleased.

Punishedbrats- Lateness 2


Punishedbrats- Spanked for slacking off


 In this scene, Piper was spanked for having stayed out late the night before and complaining during a training session.

Punishedbrats - Stern Veronica 1


Punishedbrats- A Very Stern Veronica

 I love these pics of V. Using the leather paddle she made poor Piper cry.

 Just a word on Veronica. Veronica has been with us since our early days. She is funny, loving and a terrific discipliarian. When she is shooting with us it feels like home.

              So stay tuned for more ‘ properly edited” photos. Pixie is an amazing photo editor.

To go to our website just click on the image below. It’s Piper in her ( really Pixie’s) tennis uniform.

Punishedbrats- Piper the Tennis Brat

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