Saturday’s Shoot: Not exactly what we had in mind

 It was one week ago that the scripts were sent out to our cast. Pixie and I had worked very hard on the script.  Pixie and I have developed a unique writing partnership. She comes up with the concept and the general story ideas I write the screenplay.

  This was a good one. It had to do with a Bridezilla and her future mother in law. Unfortuately, we didn’t get to shoot this story.

It was last Thursday when Veronica called  to inform me that she had a fever. She thought that she’d be better by Saturday morning.  Her opinion changed the following day as her fever continued to rage.  Now I started to stress. Marrissa has never done a spanking shoot before.  The dynamics of a female on female spanking is very different from a male on female spanking scene. I was confident that Marrissa would do well with the divine Miss. V. but I was worried about her capacity to handle me. Plus, with Veronica not being available we couldn’t use the script. ( We will use it later).  I called Marissa and offered to put the shoot on hold. I thought we could try it this weekend. Unfortunately, Marissa had a horse show this week and she wanted to press on. I let her know about my concerns. I noted that she would be well spanked. She was eager to go forward.

 I have to give Marissa lots of credit for toughing it out. Not once did she use her safeword. She cried and screamed lots but took five hard spankings. In fact, I offered to cut the final scene and she would not hear of it. Through teary eyes she said , ” No, lets shoot it!”. That was her background as a competitive athlete coming through.




The above pics were from our first scene.


She suffered most when I applied the strap. She cried and cried.


I know that we shot some terrific scenes. Stay tuned to our site for more preview pics. I heard from Marissa today. She said that her bottom is still sore but healing.

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