Saturday’s Shoot With Ten and Veronica

 I found it hard to believe that Ten and Veronica had never worked together. We remedied that situation on Saturday. Since Pixie has already let the cat out of the bag, Saturday’s shoot was out first done in HD. All future shoots will be done in said manner. The shoot was a collaboration between our fans, Pixie and myself. Pixie held a contest and three terrific ideas came from that. Pixie wrote the story outline and it was my job to make it happen on camera.

I will let Pixie speak for herself:

Ten and Veronica filmed the reader suggested scenes for Punished Brats on Saturday.  I’ve only seen a few rush photos so far, but already I am loving the content.

Look how deceptively innocent this floral box is.  Who would ever guess it contains an assortment of bun blistering implements?

And look at sweet Ten.  As if corner time itself isn’t bad enough, she has to keep her nose firmly pressed up against the wall to prevent the penny from slipping.


I look forward to working on the new video footage soon as with this production forward, we will be offering our content in HD!  Yayyyy!  You’ll feel like you’re right in the room witnessing Ten’s punishment from Veronica.




I’m am very happy that Pixie likes what she’s seen thus far. I bought the box on Friday, the day before the shoot. It was an extensive search. I found it at a special place called ‘ Poor Richard’s’ in Doylestown.

Here are a few sneak pics from Saturday.




Stay tuned to our site. I’m sure that Pixie will put out many more preview pics very soon.

Just click on the image below to get there.

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