Skipping School and Stepmom’s Response



Skipping  School , Stepmom’s Response


Serenity Rayne and Skyler Grey





Serenity decided it was much too nice a day to spend in school; rather, she and her friends preferred the idea of going shopping. Unfortunately, Serenity’s plan ran into a snag as she ran into her stepmom as she emerged from the shower wearing but a towel.

Skyler inquired as to why she was home and not in school. Serenity was always a brat but today she went over the line and informed Skyler that she didn’t need to tell her anything as she was but her stepmother.

With that, Skyler pulled the towel from the brat and took her over her lap for a spanking. Despite being in this compromising position the little brat continued to mouth off but each act of defiance got her bare bottom spanked harder.



The naked Serenity did her best to maintain her composure as her stepmom Skyler spanked her bare bottom red. Finally, Skylar had enough of the girl’s bratting and upped the intensity of the spanking until Serenity pleaded for her to stop and promised never to cut school again.

Once the spanking was over, Skyler was marched to a window where the naked girl with the red bottom was visible to the outside, epically to her friends who were waiting for her to attend their shopping excursion.


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