Skyler’s Secretary


Skyler’s Secretary


Audrey and Skyler Grey



Audrey, the special assistant of the powerful CEO Skyler Grey of one of the most important tech companies in the world, was sent to bring the important contract to fulfill an important deal with another company. Audrey arrived over an hour late and with only a portion of the contract needed to fulfill the deal.

Skyler confronted her special assistant about her failure and noted that according to her contract, she was in need of a correction. Audrey was very well payed and was given the choice of accepting her correction or needing to leave the company.

Audrey accepted the correction right there in Skyler’s very active office. As business was conducted, Audrey had to take an OTK spanking that started on her skirt, the panties, and finally, to Audrey’s ultimate horror, her bare bottom.


As Skyler spanked and humiliated her secretary’s bare bottom, Audrey was rapidly learning the meaning of the “corrective measures” clause in her contract that guaranteed her six figure salary. Once her spanking was over, Skyler required her lovely employee to stand in the open area with her bare red bottom on display.



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