So, what happened on Saturday?!

Last week I mentioned we were going to be shooting with Brittany. It was five years ago when first we shot with her.  She was a wreck that day. It took us four hours to shoot two scenes. The videos came out well, but that day was such a challenge. ( That’s one way of saying it) It was like spanking a female Woody Allen.

    The pics below are from that infamous shoot.



 You may wonder why we would choose to work with her again after that day?  It was two things. She was persistent. She pursued us for two years.  More importantly, Sarah Gregory was effusive in her praise of her.

With Miss Gregory’s endorcement , I thought it a worthwhile risk. ( Also,  Brittany aka Jordanna Leigh AKA Scarlet is hot!)

 I was a tad concerned when she arrived an hour late.    I had hired Audrey to spank this brat. They are friends. They had great chemistry. Audrey spanked the snot out of her!




I had the great pleasure of spanking both girls in the final scene of the day.  I still hear Audey’s  lovely shrieks. ( My ears are still ringing)



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