Some Hot Very Stuff

I looked at our main page last night and noticed how fantastic the material posted there is! ( Not that it always isn’t mind you)

The week started  with Joelle Barros in

‘ With Attitude- Part 1’

Joelle is hoping that by apologizing profusely she’ll be able to get out of her painful punishment early. But her sorries are insincere and Ms. Bacci continues delivering the leather paddle full force.




 That series was the first shot in our new studio.

Then we posted the full movie of ‘ Running In The Hall’ with Tara

Tara can hardly believe what’s happened to her as she examines her bottom while standing in the corner.






And last night we featured Audrey in ‘ Under-aged Drinking’.

Alexis receives a call that Audrey took an iced tea bottle full of alcohol with her to classes. Alexis brings her straight home and straps her for drinking on campus underage.





All three of these girls are new to the PB family and have proven very popular.

Did you know that Pixie writes the copy for the posted videos. I think she is an amazing copywriter.

         To check out these video just click on the image below.

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