Stolen Packages -part 1


Stolen Packages-Part 1


Adriana Evans and Skyler Grey


Adriana had been a professional thief for most of her life. She had scoped out a lovely suburban neighborhood for her to prey upon. Her sort of place, with lots of Amazon orders.

One day, as she was walking through the neighborhood, a woman walked up to her and dragged her back to her house. It turned out that this woman had recorded Adriana relieving her and her neighbors of their packages.

When the woman threatened to call the police, the thief begged her not to as she was already on probation and a conviction would get her a long sentence. Skylar, the woman of the house, noted there could be another way to go.

The life of a thief is hard and Adriana had taken a few beatings in her life while making her living, but what happened next she did not see coming. She suddenly found herself over the aggrieved homeowners lap, being spanked by hand and hairbrush







This was written and directed by Adriana Evans . I will say Skyler and I had a great time spanking the young auteur .

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