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This Week At Punishedbrats: A very special one too



I think I’ll start with our Hybrid production from ‘Exquisite Torment’ , Punishedbrats  joint project with Veronica Bound Enterprises,  a logical choice when you see what follows.


The Series is Entitled ‘ The Torment Of Lady Bianca’


This Episode is Called ‘ The Preview’





Lady Bianca was taken to the dreaded ‘Hall Of Punishment.’ It was deiced by the counsel and the “Great Leader” that she was to take he blame for the United Northern States’ loss to the ‘Eastern District’ and her punishment would be broadcast to the world. In preparation, Veronica, the chief interrogator and punisher, made the good Lady strip naked, affixed her to a table, roughly shaved her pubic area cleaning off the shaving cream by dumping rubbing alcohol on her freshly shaven nether regions. Veronica then proved you can have too much of a good thing when she used a vibrator to the point of pain.


After being shaved and tormented by the vibrator, Lady Bianca was turned over to be prepared to be moved to the Punishment room. Once in position, an anal hook was inserted to the Princess of the Northern States. She screamed as the hook entered her, as Veronica had mixed a menthol solution with the lubricant. Bianca was then bound and taken to the punishment room. Bianca exclaimed “This isn’t the punishment!?”



preparation1-2 preparation1-3 preparation1-4 preparation1-5 preparation1-6




preparation2-1 preparation2-2 preparation2-3 preparation2-4 preparation2-5 preparation2-6 preparation2-7 preparation2-8 preparation2-10



Now we show some video grabs from this fantastic follow up to ‘ The Pet’.



preparationvg1-1 preparationvg1-4

prepationvg1-2 prepationvg1-3 prepationvg1-4 prepationvg1-5 prepationvg1-6 prepationvg1-7 prepationvg1-8 prepationvg1-9 prepationvg1-10 prepationvg1-11 prepationvg1-12 prepationvg1-13 prepationvg1-14 prepationvg1-15 prepationvg1-16

You can check out our previews  of the series


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We wanted to do something special for our members for this month so we decided to put together an entire series. In other words , for being a member we are giving your a downloadable ” DVD”. This explains how Lady Bianca came to be punished in the scene above.

The Pet

The Entire Series

Episodes 1-6



Episode 1: The Capture
This story is set two hundred years in the future. North America has broken up into many rival sovereign states. The United Northern states have the forces of the Eastern District on the run. On a special mission is Penny, first daughter of the ruling family, and Adriana, the leader of her personal guard. They could hear the soldiers of the Northern State bearing down on them as they fled through the woods. Knowing that she would be a special prize, it was Adriana and Adriana alone who knew of the plan to save the day. After Adriana was sent on her way, Penny was captured by Lady Bianca, a member of the ruling house of the North. She decided to make Penny her pet. Ordinarily a pet undergoes much training, to brake their will, before being handed over to their new master. Bianca decided that it was she who would train Penny. She knew that the First Daughter Of The Ruling Family of the Eastern District would rebel during her initial body inspection. This rebellion allowed Bianca the opportunity to start the training with a spanking . Bianca spanked her new pet until she promised to do as she was told. Once her spanking was over, Penny was horrified to learn that this training session was not over. With her freshly spanked bottom she was made to sit upon the chair of punishment. This was a wooden chair with sharp spikes affixed to the seat. Penny cried out as those points penetrated her tender, spanked bottom.









capture1-2 capture1-3 capture1-4 capture1-5 capture1-6 capture1-7 capture1-8 capture2-1 capture2-2 capture2-3 capture2-4 capture2-5 capture2-6 capture2-7 capture2-8 capturevg1-1 capturevg1-2 capturevg1-3 capturevg1-4 capturevg1-5 capturevg1-6 capturevg1-7 capturevg1-8 capturevg1-9 capturevg1-10 capturevg1-11 capturevg1-12 capturevg1-13 capturevg2-1 capturevg2-2 capturevg2-3 capturevg2-4 capturevg2-5 capturevg2-6 capturevg2-7 capturevg2-8 capturevg2-9 capturevg2-10 capturevg2-11 capturevg2-12 capturevg2-13 capturevg2-14 capturevg2-15
Episode 2: Educating Penny
Penny was required to attend an indoctrination session to prepare her for life in the Northern states. Instead of doing it in a formal manner, Lady Bianca had her Pet dress up as a schoolgirl attending class and she the teacher. When Penny disputed the facts that Bianca had informed her of, Penny was made to bend over the desk, remove her skirt, and she was spanked on her bare bottom with the meter stick paddle. Bianca mercilessly spanked Penny with the meter stick paddle until her pet agreed not to question the teachings of her new country. Once her punishment was completed, Penny was made to return to her desk, her bare, freshly spanked bottom pressing into its hard metal seat.


epenny1 epenny2 epenny3 epenny4 epennyvg1 epennyvg2 epennyvg3 epennyvg4 epennyvg5 epennyvg6




Episode 3: Bathtime For The Pet
Lady Bianca summoned Penny to her room as she had prepared a bath for her. Penny assured her owner that she could bathe herself, but Bianca instructed that she wanted to give her pet girl a bath. The tall patrician slowly removed the uniform that identified Penny as a pet in training. Soon, Penny was in the tub as her owner washed her. When Biancas hand wandered too near to her private area, Penny pulled back. An angry Bianca noted that pets have no rights except those given to them by their owners and she would touch her anywhere she pleased. Penny was pulled from the tub, taken into the bedroom, and bent over the bottom of the bed for a hard punishment with the leather paddle. Lady Bianca punished her pet until she believed in her promises to be obedient always. Once Penny stood up, her heart sunk as she saw the spiked punishment chair. When her already sore bottom touched the spikes she let out a scream and cried.



bathtime1-1 bathtime1-2 bathtime1-3 bathtime1-4 bathtime1-5 bathtime1-6 bathtime2-1 bathtime2-2 bathtime2-3 bathtime2-4 bathtime2-5 bathtime2-6 bathtimevg1-1 bathtimevg1-2 bathtimevg1-3 bathtimevg1-4 bathtimevg1-5 bathtimevg1-6 bathtimevg1-7 bathtimevg1-8 bathtimevg1-9 bathtimevg1-10 bathtimevg1-11 bathtimevg1-12 bathtimevg1-13 bathtimevg1-14 bathtimevg1-15 bathtimevg1-16 bathtimevg2=10 bathtimevg2-1 bathtimevg2-2 bathtimevg2-3 bathtimevg2-4 bathtimevg2-5 bathtimevg2-6 bathtimevg2-7 bathtimevg2-8 bathtimevg2-9 bathtimevg2-10 bathtimevg2-11 bathtimevg2-12 bathtimevg2-13 bathtimevg2-14 bathtimevg2-15 bathtimevg2-16 bathtimevg2-18




Episode 4: Bedtime Spanking
Lady Bianca sent her pet to deliver very important documents to a fellow member of the inner circle. Penny did not arrive until a few hours after her expected arrival time. Much as a child would be spanked for disobedience, Penny was taken over her owner’s lap and spanked with a bathbrush. As the hairbrush descended, time and time again upon her naked bottom, all Penny could do was cry out and promise to never be tardy again. After her spanking was at an end, Lady Bianca put her pet on display in the corner as she lay in bed enjoying her handiwork.

bedtime1-1 bedtime1-2 bedtime1-3 bedtime1-4 bedtime1-5 bedtime1-6 bedtime1-7 bedtimevg1-1 bedtimevg1-2 bedtimevg1-3 bedtimevg1-4 bedtimevg1-5 bedtimevg1-6 bedtimevg1-7 bedtimevg1-8 bedtimevg1-9 bedtimevg1-10 bedtimevg1-11 bedtimevg1-12 bedtimevg1-13 bedtimevg1-15 bedtimevg1-16 bedtimevg2-1 bedtimevg2-2 bedtimevg2-3 bedtimevg2-4 bedtimevg2-5 bedtimevg2-6 bedtimevg2-7 bedtimevg2-8 bedtimevg2-9 bedtimevg2-10 bedtimevg2-11 bedtimevg2-12 bedtimevg2-13 bedtimevg2-14 bedtimevg2-15








Episode 5: Coming Out Party
Bianca was anxious to present her pet to those in her social circle. All was going well until a powerful senator made a sexual advance on Bianca’s pet- to which Penny responded with a loud blistering rebuke. Penny was unaware, but this was a major political defeat for Lady Bianca. After their arrival home, Bianca took her pet over her knee for a hard spanking. After Lady Bianca finished spanking her pet, Penny suffered the greatest pain of all. She was denied the comforts of her mistresses’ bed and was sent to spend the night in her cage.

coming1 coming2 coming3 coming4 coming5 comingvg1 comingvg2 comingvg3 comingvg4 comingvg5 comingvg6 comingvg7 comingvg8 comingvg9 comingvg10






Episode 6: Freedom
Bianca was spending quality time with her pet when she was shocked by the sudden appearance of General Adriana in her room. Adriana had killed many of Bianca’s guards prior to making her way into her residence. She informed the good Lady that the United Northern States were now at the mercy of the Eastern District as they now had control over their power grid by inserting a program on their own, whose codes Adriana carried with her. Finally Penny, First Daughter Of The Ruling Family, was released from her bondage. Once Penny was freed, Adriana decided to give to Lady Bianca a taste of her own medicine and transmit it to her nation via her communication system. Bianca, a genetically enhanced fighter, found herself easily overpowered by General Adriana, a cyborg. In front of her nation Bianca was spanked; a punishment that started over her pants, then panties and then bare bottom. The humiliated Lady felt more than a little abused. Here she was humiliated before her nation when, in truth, she had great affection for her pet and saved her from the training horrors suffered by all others when she trained trained the girl herself. Of course she could not say this in front of her nation, otherwise she would have been seen as a traitor. In front of her nation and the world the powerful Lady Bianca had her bottom spanked by the cyborg known as Adriana. Once she finished with Lady Bianca, General Adriana issued a warning to the United Northern States. When she left, all Bianca could do was cry and attempt to rub away the pain. Suddenly she realized that this was still being transmitted to all. She crawled across the floor and finally turned off the transmission.




freedom1-1 freedom1-2 freedom1-3 freedom1-4 freedom1-5 freedom1-7 freedom1-8 freedom1-9 freedom2-1 freedom2-2 freedom2-3 freedom2-4 freedom2-5 freedom2-6 freedom2-7 freedomvg1-1 freedomvg1-2 freedomvg1-3 freedomvg1-4 freedomvg1-5 freedomvg1-6 freedomvg1-7 freedomvg1-8 freedomvg1-9 freedomvg1-10 freedomvg1-11 freedomvg1-12 freedomvg1-13 freedomvg1-14 freedomvg1-15 freedomvg1-16 freedomvg1-17 freedomvg2-1 freedomvg2-2 freedomvg2-3 freedomvg2-4 freedomvg2-5 freedomvg2-6 freedomvg2-7 freedomvg2-8 freedomvg2-9 freedomvg2-10 freedomvg2-11 freedomvg2-12 freedomvg2-13 freedomvg2-14 freedomvg2-15 freedomvg2-16 freedomvg2-17 freedomvg2-18 freedomvg2-19 freedomvg2-20





Hard Times


Adriana Evans and Mandie Rae






Adriana and Mandie were summoned to the headmaster’s office. As graduation from this prestigious boarding school was drawing near, the girls attended a party at the Beardsley mansion. This party happened as Mr. Beardsley was out of town. The party left his house in shambles. Both girls faces were featured prominently in the security camera. As both girls are top students, the school decided not to expel or suspend them. Both were sentenced to a bare bottom paddling at the hand of headmaster Pierson.




hard2 hardvg1-1 hardvg1-2 hardvg1-3 hardvg1-4 hardvg1-5 hardvg1-6 hardvg1-7 hardvg1-8 hardvg1-9 hardvg1-10 hardvg1-11 hardvg1-12 hardvg1-13 hardvg1-14 hardvg1-15 hardvg1-16 hardvg1-17 hardvg1-18



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