The Best Of Chloe Noir




The Best Of Chloe Noir

Episode 1:


Mean Mother In Law: Caught In The Act


Chloe Noir and Audrey


Chloe lives in her mother in law’s home with her husband. Audrey always felt that her son could not have picked a more spoiled brat with whom to share his life. This conflict came to a head while the two were left alone at home. Audrey presented Chloe with photographs with her in the arms of a man other than her husband. A shocked Chloe begged her mother in law not to show these pictures to her husband. She informed her bratty daughter in law that she had lost her adult privileges and was presented with several new rules about how she was to dress, behave, and the consequences should she fail to do so. One evening she was called to face her first real spanking from Audrey or, “mommy,” as Chloe is now required to refer to her mother in law. Her punishment started with a hand spanking over her white panties. Then, her panties were lowered as Audrey applied the hairbrush.





Sporting Chance




Chloe gives her report and notes that she is desperately trying to contact her editor to see if she could end this assignment. Being the outspoken person she is, it is clear that other spankings await her at the Amber Wells School. She took comfort in the fact that she was going to play tennis that day and could blow off some steam. Unfortunately, Chloe vociferously confronted the Gym Instructor over a disputed call and found herself in Miss Bianca’s quarters. Soon, Chloe was taken over the tall red head’s lap, panties lowered, and another painful spanking ensued. Through her tears, Chloe promised to behave and be respectful. After her spanking, Bianca placed the undercover reporter in the corner to contemplate the error of her ways. While attempting to rub the pain from her naked bottom, she came to the realization that this assignment was a set up and it was best for her to escape.





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Now a few stills from the movie




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The Tutor – Chloe’s strapping




The girls were struggling at school so Mommy Audrey requested that Dean Pierson come over and tutor Chloe and Ava on the intricacies of photosynthesis. When he asked the girls to present their work books, it was learned that neither brought them home. Much to the chagrin of two neglectful students, the Dean had not forgotten to bring the school strap with him. Chloe was the first to be bent over the bed, have her panties lowered, and experience the pain that this traditional implement can cause a bad “little girl.”
As the dean strapped Chloe, he noticed that even through her tears she had a distinct hint of rebelliousness. He knew that the defiant part of her must be extinguished or she could threaten the life of this town of perversity.


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The Runaways- Chloe’s spanking






On the way home from school, Chloe and Ava decided to put the crazy town behind them and make a run for it. Somehow, the girls didn’t make it two blocks before being picked up by Officer Bob. Both knew they were in deep trouble. Mommy Audrey took Chloe over her lap first and spanked her bare bottom hard. Ava looked on in horror and disbelief.
Chloe’s hard spanking proceeded at the hands of mommy Audrey all Ava could do was grimace at the site fully aware that she was next. Once her spanking was over Chloe was made to stand on display by the picture window where she was viable to all of the town’s people.




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Intellectual Disagreement






After receiving a bare bottom spanking on her first day, Chloe thought that this assignment may not be for her, but being the ambitious young woman she is, she decided to stick it out. Soon, she found herself sticking her bottom out again after engaging one of her professors in a disagreement about an equation. Despite the fact that Chloe turned out to be correct, she found herself bent over Miss Bianca’s desk for her disrespectful tone.
After her strapping, Chloe had started to rethink her assignment. She had hoped to bring light to the class structure that exists within the country. Instead, all she has gotten is a red sore bottom for her troubles.




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Now a few stills from the movie




disagreementvg1-1 disagreementvg1-2 disagreementvg1-3 disagreementvg1-4 disagreementvg1-5 disagreementvg1-6 disagreementvg1-7 disagreementvg2-1 disagreementvg2-2 disagreementvg2-3 disagreementvg2-4 disagreementvg2-5 disagreementvg2-6 disagreementvg2-7













I think Chloe is a very special young woman. She is doing a little experiment with me next week. If it works out the way I think it will the work will be very special.



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