The Chaos Factor

Sometime chance just seems to work out. Such was the case in two of our most recent shoots. The morning of our Pi shoot I got a very early text from Veronica that she was ill. With V, one is never sure what that means. She showed up on days after having fallen down a flight of stairs, informed of impending divorce and having celbrated her birthday too hard. I am always a fallback should anything untoward occur. ( Veronica was in the hospital after being assaulted the night before) When Veronica didn’t arrive ( In hosppital), i knew a change in the scrpit was needed. ( Geniuous huh?) I took the top role and spanked the living hell out of Pi all day. I have now seen the edits and Pixie did a great job!



wait until you see this. Coming very soon

After that shoot it was planned that I would top Ten in a series of stories focused on office discipline. Ten then asked it a friend of hers could spank her in one scene. I initially said, no. One scene for us doesn’t work, plus I wanted to spank the hell out of Ten. However, Miss Ten persisted.  So i took a look at this fellow, named Perth. I rewrote every thing. I shot two scenes with Ten and developed a story arc of three scenes with Ten and Perth. Had I understood there, I’d have budgeted for more Perth. Many people, mostly men offer to shoot for us for free. Never gonna happen! I pay people fairly for the work they do. No one ever shoots for free. I paid Perth what I had budgeted for and got three amazing, romantic spanking videos, Going with the chaos factor can often prove beneficial.

 Yes, you are correct. The Pi material was shot before the Ten. Why? We were out of Ten. Pixie chose to go with the Ten material first. I thin she was hot for Perth. Thanks Pixie!



I have been asked if I was disappointed in not having shot more with Ten, myself? Yes, yes I was. I love to work with the hardcore spanking girls, but I knew we’d have something special if we shot Perth. Perth made it easier as he was a class act.

To see what is coming your way from punishedbrats click on that image below. Poor Pixie is editing her poor fingers to the bone.

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