The Contract: The Full Series


The Contract

Fed up with her daughter’s behavior, Veronica decides to try a new disciplinary tactic – The Family Contract. Upon signing the document, Charlie agrees that nearly every infraction will result in a painful spanking.


1. Dirty Dishes


Charlie soon learns that Veronica was serious about adhering to the contract. When she leaves a sink full of dirty dishes, Veronica takes her over her knee for a bare bottom spanking and then she’s made to finish her chores with her glowing red cheeks on display.





2. Texting After Dark 


Veronica catches Charlie texting after she’s taken away her phone privileges. She has the girl fetch a wooden hairbrush and then climb over her knee for another tough lesson.





3. Futile Defiance 

Charlie is getting very tired of being told what to do and how to behave. She isn’t used to having her own way. When ordered to remove her feet from the coffee table, she responds by kicking a stack of books to the floor. Veronica stands Charlie up and straps her on the spot.





4. Bad Timing




Charlie comes home to find Veronica waiting for her. She tries to lamely explain that she was out after midnight in a sexy dress when supposed to be grounded by claiming she had to run out for school supplies. Veronica refuses to listen to any more of her lies and uses a heavy Heat for the Seat paddle to send the message.





5. Contrition




After behaving well for a number of weeks, Charlie has a lapse in judgment and skips school. She knows what she has coming to her and waits nervously in her bedroom for Veronica to administer her punishment dressed only in her bra and panties. A truly remorseful Charlie is then thoroughly spanked in classic OTK position






And Now This










God I remember this one so well. It was written by my brother and Amber Pixie Wells. We hope you enjoyed it.


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Written and Directed by Adriana Evans


Adriana Evans, Skyler Grey and David Pierson


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