The Dark Angel


Dark Angel


Angelina and Lady Azul

Angelina has taken up residence with the dance company director in preparation for the debut of their production, ‘The Dark Angel’. Mistress Azul is determined to keep a very close eye on her prima ballerina and make sure she is well disciplined inside the studio and out.



1. Dancing Naked



Mistress Azul is distraught to find Angelina practicing her routine fully naked. She finds the behavior impulsive, lacking in discipline, and is concerned that photos of such an act might be leaked on the internet bringing shame to the production before it even opens. Tiny nude Angelina is immediately flipped over Azul’s lap for a hand spanking.


2. Poor Performance




Angelina is practicing privately with Mistress Azul and despite her apologies, she continues to make clumsy error after error and fails to come to attention as the dance mistress cracks her riding crop in irritation. Seems Angelina spent all her energy and gave her best dance performance the previous night partying at a club just a week before the show opens. Mistress Azul orders Angelina to lower her leotard and bend over to receive the blazing sting of the riding crop on her bottom and upper thighs.





3. Summoned




Mistress Azul received word that Angelina was late to the studio. Angelina admits to oversleeping and tries to push the blame on Azul for not waking her up. The dance mistress decides to give the girl a wake up call in responsibility and delivers a painful hairbrush spanking to the lithe dancer’s bottom.




4. Late Morning



It’s happened again! Angelina has overslept and this time Mistress Azul has decided to indeed help wake the girl up. She pulls her out of bed, bares her bottom and spanks her with a leather paddle.



5. The Resolution



Mistress Azul has come to really enjoy having Angelina living with her and ensuring her lead performer is getting the proper discipline she requires. ‘Dark Angel’ has debuted and now Angelina demands to leave as per her agreement, but the dance mistress has other plans. She brings the girl over her knee for a hand spanking and suggests she simply submit and accept this new way of living.


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