The Fashion Models Comes Home To Mom-part 1


The Fashion Model Comes Home To Mom-part 1


Serenity Rayne and Skyler Grey



Skylar was not surprised when her daughter called and asked if she could come home for a few days. Skylar had been awaiting the call after there was another report of her daughter’s questionable behavior as a main feature on the tabloid shows. Skyler knew that her management’s promises to look after her daughter were fallacious, but she didn’t see how she could deny her daughter this chance.

When Serenity came home she told her mom how beaten down she was from ‘life in the fast lane.’

Her mother understood just what she needed, a little guidance and a lot of discipline. Skylar noted that just because she could do certain things doesn’t mean that she should.

Suddenly, Serenity was taken over her mother’s lap for a spanking. Her mom gave her a few quick swats to the bottom of her expensive dress, then lifting the skirt to continue the discipline on her expensive panties.

When Skylar felt that her daughter was still not understanding the message she was trying to convey, she lowered Serenity’s panties and spanked her bare bottom hard.





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