The Intercourse


The Intercourse


Jessa Rain and Skyler Grey




Jessa had gotten in way past her curfew on Saturday night. The following morning she was confronted by her mother. Jessa soon found herself over her mother’s lap. Mom asked if she had been out with the boy she disproves of. At first Jessa denied this but a few hard smacks to her bottom brought out the truth. With that her nightshirt was lifted and her panties were lowered. Jessa pleaded ,” No mom, not on the bare!’. Her mother was not in the least concerned about Jessa’s embarrassment and proceed to spank her daughter upon her bare bottom stopping only to ask,” Did you have the sexual intercourse?!”. Jessa’s was spanked until her bottom was red and sore and the girl promised not to disobey again. Once her spanking was over her mother applied a soothing gel to her bottom then sent her to the corner with her bare bottom on display,





Well instead of doing this one in two parts we thought it appropriate to present the full video tonight. It’s our way of thinking all of you for supporting us during the past few weeks.


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