The New Choreographer – This week’s Featured Presentation

The New Choreographer – This week’s Featured Presentation


Kim Chi and David Pierson




Audrey was recently brought in to bring new life to a prominent ballet company as choreographer and artistic director. It took her but a short time to learn that one of the major issues at the company was the attitude of the companies prima ballerina.
Kim Chi was a world renown dancer who was known as much for her love of the night life as much for the gift of her talent. Audrey knew that for this company to move forward, Kim must be brought in line. Audrey called a meeting with her lead dancer who showed up for rehearsal rather hung over from her activities the night before.
After a brief discussion, it became clear that Kim was not about to listen to reason, so she informed the entitled star that she was to accept the discipline that she was about to give her or have her contract terminated. At first, Kim wasn’t sure what she meant by discipline, then she saw the leather paddle in her hand. Audrey required that kim kneel on the couch and when she did the artistic director bared her bottom.
Kim cried out as the first whack of the heavy leather paddled landed. It wasn’t long before Kim was pleading for her punishment to stop and promising to comply with the rules. However these promises did not stop Audrey from giving her prima ballerina the lesson in discipline she required. Once the spanking was over, Audrey  then required that Kim immediately head to the rehearsal studio to do her stretches. As Kim went to pull up her pants, Audrey stopped her and noted that her pants were to remain down until she had reached the studio, That way, all would see the discipline applied to this unruly artist.


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