The Pet: A Cyberpunk Tale






I had such a great time on Saturday. For the first time ever I went back to a script and produced it.  Back in the spring I wrote this story but one of my main stars got radiation poisoning.


burned biana


Yes, Bianca got a severe sunburn doing a shoot on the beach. ( radiation poisoning )



The Script sat in my computer for a few months.  I think it was when Penny ( Cyberpunk) Stone signed on that I became motivated to produced this Sci-fi story.


In this story, set two hundred years in the future after a brief nuclear exchange had changed the world, the USA was no  more, but now divided up into districts.  The war like United Northern Confederation was on the verge of total victory over the Eastern District. Yeah, I know What!?


Well Eastern District had a survival plan but that necessitated Penny, Daughter of the ruling family to be captured allowing General Adriana to escape and put the plan into action.

Captured by the Evil Lady Bianca


evil lady bianca



Penny was subjected to serve the first Lady of The Northern Confederation.





Lady Bianca inspecting her pet after training.



evil3 evil4 evil5 evil6 evil7

Punished when Bianca felt like it. Above her pet was spanked and then made to sit on the spiked ” punishment chair”


evil8 evil9 evil10


Service and punishment was Penny’s lot.






Does Lady Bianca get away? Guess not.


This is the Cast Photo






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