The Principals Office



The Principals Office

Episode 1: Brittany Is Sent To See Miss Audrey





Brittney was sent to see Principal Audrey after being caught cheating on a test. She was stunned when she learned that her punishment was to be a bare bottom spanking. After a humiliating and painful bare bottom spanking, Brittney was subjected to several hard swats with the school paddle. She promised to never cheat again.



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Then in a different dimension


Audrey is sent to see Principal Britany





Audrey was sent to the principal’s office after calling her teacher a bitch after being refused permission to use the girl’s room. Due to the severity of the offence, Audrey was given a bare bottom spanking. After her bare bottom spanking was over, Audrey was required to bend over the back of the chair for several swats with the yardstick paddle. Audrey promised to never be disrespectful to anyone again should her punishment ever come to an end.



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I remember this shoot as being so much fun.  We just thought we’d try something a bit different.  We shoot two scenes from the principal’s office and two woodshed scenes. We will post the Woodshed scenes next week.


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See Audrey is pleading with you.



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