The Re-Education Of The Delirious Hunter- Session One -Part 1




The Re-Education Of The Delirious Hunter – Session One part 1


Delirious Hunter and Bianca Rose




It was time for Hunter’s first discipline session. Knowing that her punishment was being broadcast to the nation, she wanted to face her ordeal with courage. However, once in the room, fear took over and she pleaded not to be punished in this way. Miss Bianca was having none of it. She was to be punished with a series of paddles. She was made to remove her pants and to prepare. Her punishment started with a leather paddle and then ten whacks with the meter stick paddle. Her cries could be heard all through the building.


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Now a few stills from the movie



sessiononevg1-1 sessiononevg1-2 sessiononevg1-3 sessiononevg1-4 sessiononevg1-5 sessiononevg1-6 sessiononevg1-7 sessiononevg1-8 sessiononevg1-9 sessiononevg1-10 sessiononevg1-11 sessiononevg1-12 sessiononevg1-13 sessiononevg1-14 sessiononevg1-15 sessiononevg1-16 sessiononevg1-17 sessiononevg1-18


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