The Re-Education Of The Delirious Hunter- Session Two




The Re-Education Of The Delirious Hunter


Delirious Hunter and David Pierson

Directed by Bianca Rose






Today is the second of The Delirious Hunter’s court ordered corporal punishment sessions. She was to receive thirty lashes, from three different straps in ascending order of severity. It was during the third lash with the first strap when the convicted anarchist stood up. This was strictly forbidden. She had been warned that it was acceptable that she cry or scream, but getting out of position or telling her punisher how to do their job was forbidden. She protested that the strap hit her pussy. She was made to fully strip and she soon found that there was no part of her body not subjected to punishment.

After suffering the indignities of have her most private places punished before the world, the young cyber anarchist decided to just suffer through her strapping and be done with it. The next strap was a weighted piece of that made an upstroke to the low and tender areas of the bottom. As she was permitted she screamed and cried but remained in place and did not offer complaint.

For the final and worst of the straps, the Delirious one was made to spread her legs and hold her potion for this severe punishment. She screamed and cried, but the end was near when on the ninth stroke she suddenly felt the strap land on her tender anus. She screamed ‘You hit my butt hole!” This was forbidden, as the punisher has the right to strike anywhere. She was made to remain in position as her anus was cropped and caned.

Then she was placed upon the spiked punishment chair. Her screams permeated the entire complex as Mr. Pierson continued to punish the girl now sitting on the chair of pain.


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This is a bit different. I’d say this fits with our Exquisite Torment product Line.



exqusite torment 1


I had hoped that we would have this launched by now. Unfortunately life occurred to those who were to partner with me on this so you find this intense material right on the PB website.  As you can tell we shot this just before Christmas. Let me tell you that Delirious Hunter has he most amazing pain capacity. It was such a great Christmas party for us all. The full video runs just a tad under twenty minutes. I hope you love what you see and the special gift that Miss Hunter gave to us all. That being the gift of pain..never given or taken lightly.




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